Why SEO is Not Working? - Basic SEO Mistakes.

Are you also frustrated by performing SEO for so long and not getting results?
Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Google updates its SEO rules quarterly or bi-yearly and we all face some downfall in the rankings but we need to stay updated and make sure we are doing some basic mistakes.

There are three basic mistakes that you might be doing in your advanced seo-journey and not getting ranked.

1. Poor Keyword Optimization-

It’s a no surprise that poor keyword optimization lead to SEO not working. All your content should incorporate highly relevant keywords. In fact, a good strategy is to chose keywords first and then curate content around those keywords.

2. Irrelevant Content-

As we all know Content is the king to get results from SEO. When you write a piece of content on your website, users visiting your website must get some kind of information out of it. Make sure your content is fulfilling the need of the user who reached out to you.

3. Technical Issues –

Technical issues can become hurdle in your seo journey. If there is any technical issue that is restricting crawlers to reach out to your website then you are not going to rank anyhow. That technical hurdle can be anything, slow page loading speed or unresponsive design.

And at last SEO needs time, so be patient and make sure you are following all the rules of SEO and your website will be ranked for sure.

Do read our next blog to learn more about some important steps of SEO.

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