Why SEO is Not Working? - Basic SEO Mistakes.

Are you also frustrated by performing SEO for so long and not getting results?
Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Google updates its SEO rules quarterly or bi-yearly and we all face some downfall in the rankings but we need to stay updated and make sure we are doing some basic mistakes.

There are three basic mistakes that you might be doing in your advanced seo-journey and not getting ranked.

1. Poor Keyword Optimization-

It’s a no surprise that poor keyword optimization lead to SEO not working. All your content should incorporate highly relevant keywords. In fact, a good strategy is to chose keywords first and then curate content around those keywords.

2. Irrelevant Content-

As we all know Content is the king to get results from SEO. When you write a piece of content on your website, users visiting your website must get some kind of information out of it. Make sure your content is fulfilling the need of the user who reached out to you.

3. Technical Issues –

Technical issues can become hurdle in your seo journey. If there is any technical issue that is restricting crawlers to reach out to your website then you are not going to rank anyhow. That technical hurdle can be anything, slow page loading speed or unresponsive design.

And at last SEO needs time, so be patient and make sure you are following all the rules of SEO and your website will be ranked for sure.

Do read our next blog to learn more about some important steps of SEO.

Heighten your branding with Marketing Gears: Your Trusted Partner in Digital Space

Heighten your branding with Marketing Gears: Your Trusted Partner in Digital Space- MarketingGears

It is crucial to establish a sturdy online presence in the competitive business world. The digital landscape of tech-enabled marketing tools is full of potential to embark on businesses in the competition world. That’s where Marketing Gears a premier website designing and digital marketing company in Chandigarh steps into the internet marketing empire. Since our establishment in the year 2019, we have emerged as a model of brilliance in digital marketing. We have a team of veterans having extensive experience in digital marketing and design. We have evolved in countless major designing projects and have helped businesses to attain rock-hard web presence.

Marketing Gears: Your path to digital success!

We stand in the market more than just as a digital marketing agency in Chandigarh. We are a strategic partner dedicated to propelling businesses towards their primary goal of success. We deploy an extensive array of digital marketing solutions which comprehend the marketing needs of businesses. Thus, we collaborate closely with you to understand your needs to transform your vision into victory. Our dedicated commitment to craft tailored solutions helps you to align with your aspirations. Our team of digital marketing experts works diligently to boost your branding by executing unrivaled techniques and tactics.

Our suite of comprehensive digital marketing services

At Marketing Gears, we pride ourselves on offering a suite of services to cater to your digital branding needs. Our expertise extends to the services such as:

Web Designing

We revolutionize the branding of businesses and lift their success with website design and development. So, being the leading web designing company in Chandigarh, we create an awesome web design for you. By using cutting-edge technology, we sparse the website from conventional designs and functionality. So, a modern design with seamless functionality brings your brand an exceptional web presence. Consult the best web designers and witness the results you have been dreaming of. We can also revamp your existing website to transform it from gloomy to captivating.

Custom Website Development

Marketing Gears possesses in-depth knowledge and acquaintance with developing custom websites. We follow the attentive process of deep analysis to tailor the design to your needs. Thus, our custom web development works through two stages:

A) Strategy and Planning

B) Research and Analysis

We specifically build designs that capture the fair interest of the target audience. It includes the use of graphics, themes, designs, sales funnels, CTAs, etc. Also, we developed the design to work seamlessly on different platforms such as desktops, mobiles, and iPads. It delivers a great user experience to the visitors of your website and makes your brand popular.

Figma to HTML Designing

Marketing Gears web development company in Chandigarh creates innovative designs for your business. We use Figma to HTML designing concepts to deliver you the best digital branding experience. Our Figma design enables you to share and test the design to involve you in the designing process. Thus, by giving feedback about the design, you can be involved in the design process. We use explicit coding and tech tools to convert Figma design into your HTML design to initiate effective online branding.

Local and International SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the best strategy for digital marketing and encompasses important techniques. It works as a brilliant approach to bring your website to higher search engine rankings. At Marketing Gears, we are the top-rated SEO company in Chandigarh employing on-page and off-page techniques. We are specialized in local SEO which boosts your brand visibility in the local searches. By listing your business on Google My Business (GMB) we instigate affirm web presence of your business. We also deploy solutions of international SEO for your website to make it visible to the countries you want to target. Our SEO teams are experts in on-page, off-page, backlinking, and technical SEO. Thus, our white-hat SEO strategies work to achieve:

A) Specific audience targeting

B) Appearance in GMB and local listings

C) Greater ROI

D) Highest conversion on various advertising levels

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Gears is a die-hard believer in social media effectiveness in digital marketing. As an integral element of online branding, it works to drive branding in manifolds. We instigate the process of such marketing using social media platforms to drive organic traffic to your website. We make your brand communicative to your audience so that you can bring more traffic and leads. So, as the top Chandigarh digital marketing company, we develop strategic ad campaigns on different channels. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some popular and highly used social media platforms these days. So, we ensure to deliver high-end marketing space to your brand to realize your goals.

Content Marketing

Content is King and Marketing Gears keeps trying to maintain the dignity of content in its efforts. We render content marketing services by weaving high-quality, informative, and imaginative copies. We create content in the form of articles, blogs, web pages, white papers, and product descriptions that convert. Content is the way to create, share, and publish great content to enhance brand visibility. So, your content marketing company in Chandigarh can manage all of your content marketing needs. Thus, it helps your business to create great brand value by:

A) Drive valuable website traffic

B) Increase lead generation

C) Generating more revenue

Experience the Marketing Gears Advantage

What sets us apart is our solid commitment to quality and compassion. We don’t just deliver solutions but curate healthy relationships with our clients. By partnering with us for digital marketing, you can get access to:


Having years of experience in the digital landscape, we bring favorable branding solutions to the table. Thus we ensure that every marketing strategy is backed by deep knowledge and skill.


We work as a team to understand your needs to craft an effective branding solution. Our services are tailored to align with your specific business goals.


Marketing Gears emerge as innovative solutions to digital marketing solutions. We consistently involve ourselves in upgrading as per newer online branding technologies and techniques.


Our proven track record is evident in our result-oriented approach. So, deploying solutions of online branding to your needs, we bring ultimate success to your business endeavor.

Experience the Marketing Gears difference

Being the prominent digital marketing company in Chandigarh, we pride ourselves on working as a guiding light for businesses. Thus by navigating the complicated territory of the digital world, we drive businesses toward new horizons of success. So, here are the reasons how you can experience the marketing difference with us:

Holistic Approach to Success

We consider your success as our success. So, unlike others, we take each project as a challenge to beat with our inventive designing and development skills. Whether it is designing a new website, SEO, or social media, we determine the client’s goal first. Most companies opt for the same digital marketing strategy for all businesses. But we deliver custom digital strategies that help every business grow in the right direction.

Diversity to branding solutions

Marketing Gears possesses the right knowledge and skills to deploy digital marketing strategies for a diverse range of industries. We believe that every business has specific needs to affirm a solid web presence and customer attention. Thus, we have the right platform to deliver cutting-edge technology to help every business. We cater to the needs of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, education, cosmetic, e-commerce, etc. businesses. 

No False commitments to clients

The best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh doesn’t rush to get projects to earn fiscal favours. But we work to add value and quality to our brand. So, unlike others, we only make genuine and attainable commitments with our clients. Every SEO and web designing project comes with risks. So, our recommendations are based on best Google practices and white-hat digital marketing techniques. Moreover, we use your money as ours to bring the best return on investment for it.

100% transparency in work

Our core values and commitments come with pure business transparency. So, we always behold the quality and integrity to build trust for long-run business relationships. Our vision is to become the No.1 digital marketing company in Chandigarh. Thus, it is not possible until we are successful in building trust among clients. So, we take our clients in the loop to let them show the progress of their online ad campaigns, results, and improvements.

We don’t fit you in a box

Marketing Gears believes that every business has unique challenges. Thus, we only offer tailored solutions to companies to make the solutions suitable to their needs. Like most companies, we don’t just deliver a common template design to complete the projects. But we initiate different work for a diverse range of solutions. We know it’s time consuming for us but we want to deliver our best to clients for greater business branding.

Your success is our mission @ Marketing Gears

We are on a sole mission and that is the success of our branding strategies. So, reach us and discuss your needs to make planning for your desired project. We listen, understand, plan, create, test, and deliver. So, be ready to take your branding to the next level with us.  

Why social media marketing is important?

Why social media marketing is important-MarketingGears

The impact of social media in this digital era is evident. Users of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are expanding extensively. No matter what, if you own a small or medium-sized venture, you can trailblaze this opportunity. It’s an intuitive way to present your products and services digitally to your audience. You can get exposure to social media branding by consulting a professional social media marketing company in Chandigarh. Thus it ensures that you won’t miss the chance to market your brand where it can reach supreme exposure. Experts believe that social media is crucial to your business as a supportive marketing approach.

Reasons why you should opt for social media marketing

Form a personal connection with your audience

Having an online presence on the web is a good thing. However, users want businesses to interact with them to provide more value to their search queries regarding products. Henceforth, you should develop a strategy to make sure your interaction with consumers is real. Thus, social media provides you with a greater way to form a connection with the audience on a personal note. You can update social media posts for your products to tell a story about your endeavor. Thus, it brings you closer to consumers to get your brand to sit in their minds.

Grow under a sustainable budget range

Using social media marketing can give you an edge with the advantage of budget-friendly branding. It’s the least expensive form of social media marketing services in Chandigarh you can opt for. Since you can make a sustainable reach to promote your brand and products online. Especially, if you have recently started a business, it can fit to your low-budget branding needs. You can consistently post relatable content for your audience to make better engagement.

Display product images and videos interestingly

Irrefutably, social media brings an exhilarating gateway for you to display products and services interestingly. Digital marketers escalate your branding by posting images and videos of your products. For instance, you can post tempting pictures of your restaurant’s food menu and dishes on social media. Likewise, you can use it to market dresses and fashion wear online to attract customers. Subsequently, it helps you to stay on top of the minds of users who matter most to you. Doing such practice with consistency contributes to converting potential clients to regular and loyal ones.

Understand consumer behavior to improve

At the initial stage, consumers need awareness of your brand and what it offers. Once, they know you, it is important to track how they respond to your marketing. Thus, you need a social media influencer to meet this requirement. Social media marketing in Chandigarh helps you to assess information about consumer behavior. Thus, you can get insights through likes, dislikes, comments, etc. to understand if the branding goes well. Depending on the results, you can form a better marketing strategy with the help of experts. They can design content to create effective branding to appeal to the right customers for your business.

Harness the advantage of your website

If you own a business website, you can empower it with social media marketing. It can prove helpful for your website to attract traffic to generate leads and sales. You can generate engagement around your brand to propel your website competently. You can post Instagram feeds on your website and link them with your business Facebook profile. Thus, social media accounts can drive traffic for the website to position your brand authority. Also, know the impact of having a good website design on your business in the next blog post.

Build solid relationships with your audience

A solid relationship is the foundation for managing your business successfully. Therefore, you should utilize the channel of social media to establish customer support for your audience. By engaging them through social media interactions, you can develop strong relationships. They don’t only know about your products and services but know you as a brand on a more profound level. Also, the social media marketing experts in Chandigarh can design appealing content for you. Thus, posting it regularly definitely brings sturdy awareness of your brand. Thus, you can make your brand a leader in the niche industry.

To sum up

In the digital space of business, social media is a powerful platform to promote branding. It can bring the fullest benefit to your business when deployed with precise techniques. Thus, influential and tempting digital content is all you need to attain success. So, Marketing Gears is your trusted digital marketing company in Chandigarh having in-depth acquaintance using social media channels. We implement a consistent and deliberative approach to social media branding. So, book a strategy call with us to intensify your brand in a competitive business environment.

Why do I need digital marketing?

Why do I need Digital Marketing- MarketingGears

Where do you begin if you want to establish subtle online branding for your business? Irrefutably, digital marketing is the only way out of a modern online marketing approach. Digital and mobile channels are vital today for strong branding and acquiring customers. But, if you don’t have a plan for the digital transformation of your business, you may lag behind others. Subsequently, you need to consult a digital marketing company in Chandigarh to take charge of the same. But before you start forming a strategy, you should know why your business needs digital marketing. So, let’s delve deeper into this to get gainful insights about online branding power.

Opt for a modern business model

Do you know that modern-day consumers are switching towards digital business experience? More than 55% of online research is transmitted by consumers prior to buying products. Google is the top-most search engine, to begin with initial search results for a varied range of products. So, until you are not in the online search engines, you can miss potential customers. So, you need to opt for a contemporary business model to stay competitive. Thus, using the best digital marketing services in Chandigarh can build your brand recognition on the web.

Build brand authority

It is no secret that using online branding techniques is highly useful for establishing brand authority. The reason is that you can expand your reach to millions of customers. Even it helps your brand to surpass the geographical limits to reach international customers. With popular digital marketing techniques like web designing, SEO, and blogging, you can get huge online exposure. Thus, having a sound place on the web, your brand can become an authority. Consequently, it helps in the manifold growth of your business by fetching quality customers for your specific niche products.

Engage with a large audience

Digital marketing company in Chandigarh helps you to engage with a larger audience. Thus, it helps you to get considerable exposure online to engage with your specific audience. Platforms such as social media can provide you with a powerful reach to engage with the audience. It allows you to show relevant information to your customers using social media. Thus, it helps you to foster strong relations with your customers. Consequently, you can get valuable outcomes in the form of customer loyalty. In the next post, know why social media marketing is important for your business. Why it is an important form of online branding and how it work?

Affordable and attractive

Both large and small companies are conscious about spending their budgets on online branding. One of the best advantages that you can gain from digital marketing is its affordability. As compared to traditional marketing tactics like TV ads, print media, and radio, it is less expensive. Not only it is affordable but also provides attractive ROI for businesses. Techniques like content marketing are 3 times less costly than conventional marketing. Additionally, an informative blog is 10 times more likely to bring positive ROI. Thus, overall digital marketing services in Chandigarh can get and save you more money.

Monitor your progress

By opting the way of digital marketing you can become a modern marketer who can track the success of branding campaigns. It helps you to see what is working and if it is bringing desired ROI. Also, it helps you to identify areas to create more successful campaigns. Unlike traditional branding, you can measure the results of branding precisely to change and improve the strategy. You don’t have to depend on guesswork for tracking and monitoring the results. Digital marketing offers ample information and data about your campaign performance in real time. There are various analytics tools that help you to know the results and performance of campaigns. Thus, instead of spending money on ineffective marketing tactics, you can resonate with what suits best to your audience.

Stay competitive in business

You should opt for Chandigarh digital marketing services because your competitors are doing it. Chances are that many have reached ample quality leads. So, your business is diverting to your competition which might not be good for the health of your business. So, in order to remain in the game, you should beat the competition. Thus, digital marketing tactics and strategies are available to help you hit the mark with strong planning. You can get help from experts to pave your path towards huge business success.

To sum up

Are you ready to see the difference that digital marketing can make for your business? If yes, consult with Marketing Gears, a leading digital marketing company in Chandigarh. The expert team of digital marketers would love to empower your business with strong tactics. Thus, make an online consultation and reach the experts personally to discuss your needs.

Fashion E-commerce marketing strategies

Fashion ecommerce marketing strategies-MarketingGears

Amid the covid pandemic, the trend of online shopping has grown drastically. These days, more and more fashion e-stores are emerging in the Indian consumer market. They have become hotspots for online shoppers and offer a vivid range of products. In 2023, the e-sale of fashion garments and accessories has projected to become a million-dollar business. However, many companies are initiating e-fashion stores but they are miserably failing in the long run. The reason behind their failure is poor e-commerce marketing strategies. A lack of an expert marketing plan for these stores can vanish them completely. So, there is a need to discuss and understand some of the good e-commerce marketing strategies for fashion stores.

Boost conversions with CTA pop-ups

It is a general fact that many e-commerce shoppers find popups annoying. But actually, these popups are helpful for e-businesses to allure customers towards shopping. They can advertise your business to grab customers’ attention to get potential leads. For instance, you can show a popup when someone visits your site. It may give the offer to subscribe to your fashion newsletter to get 10% off on any fashion garment or accessories purchased. The popup will grab the attention of visitors and influences them to sign up for the newsletter to get benefit from the offer. In addition to this, the popups can also be used to:

  • Advertise your fashion catalogue online
  • Announce sale clearances and special discounts
  • Showcase your social media presence, etc.

Many e-fashion stores are striving their best with the right use of popups to enhance their sales and satisfy their customers.

Use e-mail marketing

It might sound like a conventional idea in this digitally progressive world to use email marketing. But, the importance of email marketing still cannot be underrated to click into the minds of potent buyers. Many online shopping aficionados like to have regular emails about new offers on products and fresh arrivals. Therefore, getting connected to those shoppers with email networking is the best way to entice them for shopping. Sending emails is not rocket science as it takes only a few seconds and can deliver the highest ROI. So, from where should you get data for email marketing? Simply put, you can get it through the popups. By asking the visitors to enter their email addresses, you can sort them to send regular emails. Once your data is segregated for email listings, start sending captivating emails to your potential clients. You can send them emails about:

  • Trending sales, discount coupons, and offers
  • The latest arrival in fashion products
  • Informative content about your stuff

The prime goal of sending emails to your audiences is to keep them engaging with your e-commerce fashion store. It should also be intended to improve your click-through rates.

Create blogs for your fashion store

In the present time, blogging is one of the productive marketing tools of digital marketing. It’s a way to educate your audience with fresh and appealing content. Thus, by creating blogs about your products and services, you can bring new sales leads to your business. Blogging can also attract traffic to your website to elevate conversion rates. Now you might be wonder to know what blogging can do for your business. The answer is simple, it can thrive your e-business successful, but how?

You know that people use search engines to look for fresh fashion ideas and products online. With blogging, you can initiate search engine optimization for your e-fashion store. Thus, creating informative blogs for your fashion merchandise helps your website to rank higher in web search results. Therefore, it will help you to spread more brand awareness to your audience with SEO. Moreover, blogging for your e-commerce business will help in:

  • Bringing new leads for your merchandise
  • Helps is fostering better relationships with your audience
  • Sky-mounting your branding for fashion stores and brand
  • Gives your brand authority and advertises your business in long-run
  • Helps your customers to educate about your fashion products
  • Helps the audience to know about trending fashion and achieve more conversions

Indulge in social media marketing

Having an online fashion store could bring you into the realm of online shopping. But, if you don’t promote it on social media, you cannot endorse it effectively. Many newcomers still do not understand the importance of social media for promoting their online stores. It’s 2023 and if you are not on social media, you are lacking behind the humans. So, you should certainly make social media profile for your fashion store to consistently post photos and videos of your merchandise such as garments, jewelry, and more. You can advertise your brand on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Using these mediums, you can gain millions of followers to advertise your brand. Also, you can see how to run Facebook ads for e-promotion of fashion stores in the next post.

Create FOMO

FOMO is referred to the fear of missing out on the best deals and is created by online stores. Your customers always expect to grab the best deals on fashion merchandise, right? So, they will search through many e-stores to meet their needs. But how could you bring them to your fashion store? You can do it through psychological triggers. You can show them exciting offers with a time over or limited period offer. This would certainly allure them to get the product before the offer is gone forever. Simply put, by creating an urgency to buy the stuff, you can grab many deals to convert successfully for generating revenues.

To sum up

As you can see that competition among e-fashion stores is on the rise. But investing in these stores is still valuable with the growing trend of online shopping. So, with the help of a digital marketing company Chandigarh, you can implement the above strategies to conquer success for your store. Marketing Gears is an eminent brand in digital marketing that has served countless businesses for establishing success in the hostile Indian business market.

How to advertise my business locally?

How to advertise my business locally-MarketingGears

Running a small business in a particular area can bring fortune to your start-up. However, it does need effective local marketing to capture the right audience. Local business competition is ferocious, so it’s vital to relate with your community to stand out in the competition. These days, people often look for stores online that are established locally to get the required stuff. Therefore, you need to bring your brand in front of your audience. But why and how could you bring your business to the forefront being a local entrepreneur? This post is going to provide you the complete insight.

Understanding local marketing for business

Local marketing works around the consumers located in the same town or region as your store. It can influence the people who are living within a certain radius of your location. This could enable them to purchase your products and services at any time. For instance, if you own a restaurant then instead of driving traffic from far areas, you should focus on the local audience. It enables them to find your location conveniently to drive for fast food delivery. Hence, the goal behind local marketing is to spend your budget more efficiently. For this, you can switch to digital marketing tactics which can promote your business locally effectively. Now, look below at some useful tactics for promoting your brand locally online.

Optimize your website locally

First of all, it is essential for you to have a website to make an online presence for your business. You should optimize it locally to fetch traffic from local users. For this, you must try out local SEO or can get help from Google my business. In our next blog post, you can gain information on how to optimize your business locally with Google. For the time being, you should know that implementing local SEO strategies can optimize your website for local customers. Consequently, they are more likely to land on your website while looking for specific products and services.

Switch to blogging

You can start blogging for your local business to make it stand out successfully. Blogging is a free and effective marketing tool to bring traffic to your website. It holds the power to get global reach for your business. But you can use it for local patrons influencing to prioritize your business. With the help of experts, you can create informative blogs for your products and services and optimize them with keywords. You can also create web content for your website to get it optimized regardless of selling your stuff via an e-commerce or physical store. Though, for effective local marketing, you must have a proven SEO strategy in place supported by the right keyword strategy.

Use social media marketing

For local stores, social media can help to fuel their efforts for successful marketing orientation. You can target local audiences by using social media like Facebook and Instagram. These are highly usable social media, so targeting a huge audience could be easier for you. These days, consumers prefer to review social media pages for local businesses to interact with them. So, you can have direct communication with your audience using these platforms. You can stay active on the profile page of your business to respond to your audience. Using these channels, you can add posts for special season sales, discount offers, and contests. However, promoting your business locally using social media means keeping your posts relevant to the local market. Tap into the information that makes your local audience influenced and use promotional messages to entice them successfully towards your business.

Use local directories or listings

It is a good idea to use local business listings to submit your business profile. There are online Google listings that can provide you for registering your business in local searches. Online local directories are available to let potential customers know about your presence in a specific area or region. The local online directories can be optimized with photos of your businesses, location addresses, and contact numbers, etc. This would certainly help your business to get an instant approach from the users when they search for a particular service. Using online local directories is easy and signing up for the same takes a few minutes only.

Set up landing pages for multiple locations

If your store is located at multiple locations in a particularly big city like Chandigarh, you should create landing pages individually for each location. It could escalate your localization marketing effort more efficiently. Every individualized landing page must have vital information about your business and how to get there. Also, with specific landing page content, you can further fetch the audience to your website using keyword optimization. For instance, the digital marketing company Chandigarh can build landing pages for your real estate agency situated in different areas of the city. This will produce accurate results for the searches made by customers using the specific place or area.

Grow email marketing campaign

Email marketing is unsurprisingly not a new concept in the marketing realm. But it’s a powerful way to fetch leads for your business to convert them for revenue generation. Email marketing can drive brand awareness, engage customers, and helps in retention. Irrefutably, not all people use social media and the internet, but most people do have email IDs to use for communication, official work, and transferring information. So, you should prepare an email listing to send emails regarding your business promotion. But how could you attract them to sign up for your email listing? You can use sign-up forms and CTAs on your website and can incentivize them with discount offers to your store.

To sum up

If you think about how to build an effective local marketing strategy, ask the experts. You can consult Marketing Gears an eminent digital marketing agency. We can help build your business listings to make them viral among local audiences. Our professionalism in online branding and out-of-the-box thinking can help your business to gain recognition to stand out in the local business competition.  

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